Washington Homosexual Marriage

The Passing and Legalization of Washington Gay Marriage

Washington Gay MarriageWashington gay marriage is already legal since 2012. This state has made a great move in settling this highly debatable issue by allowing people with the same sex to get their marriage license. After the legalization of gay marriage Washington, the state was able to give out 600 marriage licenses to gay couples in one of the areas in this state. This allowed a lot of same sex couples to get into a marriage state without being judged by people all around them. Compared to other states, the voters in this area are more open when it comes to same sex marriage.

How Washington gay marriage came into picture

Washington DC gay marriage did not just come into existence in a very easy manner. In 1971, a picture of inequality was portrayed in a case where a couple applied for a marriage license and they were denied for it. The action of the court became a reason for the couple to question the concept of equal rights. In this same year, both the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court denied the issue of equal rights that was brought up by the same couple.

After many years, people who are in favor of Washington State gay marriage still continued fighting for the passing of a bill that will become a
way for same sex couples to get their marriage licenses. In 2004, a number of couples came to challenge the constitutionality of the law on marriage that only allows the union of a man and a woman. They questioned the concept of equality and strongly stated that the definition that is only limiting a man and a woman in marriage is a violation to the equality as stated in the constitution.

The court gave an opinion about this issue by giving same sex couples what they want to hear. The court said that the state should not be limiting marriage to a man and a woman because this is indeed a violation of the constitutional rights that should be given to the citizens of the state. The opinion given by the court is not really something that is questionable when it comes to the sanctity of marriage because they have given a point that gay couples should only be limited to having civil marriages. They don’t really have to go to the church and be on the same opposite marriage ceremony, they just have to be wedded in a legal manner and they will be given the benefits that married couples are getting. This is how gay marriage in Washington was viewed by the court’s opinion during that time.

The passing of the 2012 Washington gay marriage bill

Gay married couple enjoying wedding receptionThe passing of the Washington DC gay marriage bill did not really take that long because the process is not really that hard. From the House of Representatives to the Senate, the votes made were in favor of the bill. It went to a smooth process until it was implemented in December 2012. Gay couples that have been under domestic partnership for more than two years were given a chance to get their marriage licenses. This is a significant move for those who are in a same sex relationship in the area.

Gay marriage Washington State is a right that should be given to those gay couples, this is how majority of the citizens view the decision made by the government. In a survey made after the passing and the approval of the law, majority of the people are in favor of gay marriage and a lot of the citizens are saying that the right to get married should be given to everyone who wants it. The public opinion recorded by Washington DC would prove that the citizens are open when it comes to this law. However, there are also other people who are opposing this type of set up. Again, marriage is a divine bond that should only be given to a man and a woman, this concept will still stand when you would ask the church. But with the law allowing civil marriage for people with the same sex, the involvement of the church is not really required.