Gay Coupling In Illinois

Is gay marriage legal in Illinois? This is a question that can sometimes cause confusion to people because of the status of gay couple union in Illinois. Just like other states, the issue of gay marriage has been stirring the whole population for how many years already. The constant debates leading people to have their own stand with regards to this issue is something that made a great change in the ruling of the court.

Gay Marriage In IllinoisIn this state, there were different cases of courts not allowing the issuance of marriage licenses to gay couples have paved way to a more concrete ruling over the matter. Several courts have been questioned and petitions from the affected party have been happening because of the unsettled issue of gay marriage in Illinois. In 2007 and 2009, two bills were introduced in favor of Illinois gay marriage but they were both denied and they both died a natural death. However, there were still different efforts of pushing the same sex marriage bill in the next years.

After the efforts of some Senators and members of the House in passing a bill that will pave way to gay marriage Illinois, someone has managed to step closer to success in 2012. A Senator introduced same sex marriage legislation and it was passed as an amendment in January 2013. There were different members who were not in favor of this and it nearly died in the congress but s was able to survive in the end. The governor approved it after the Illinois House of Representatives passed it. This is a major step this year when it comes to this. It may have ended as an amendment but the fact that it was passed made it significant.

Allowing marriage by civil unions

For same sex couples, they are allowed to enjoy marriage in the form of civil unions. With this, they are allowed to have the agreement that is the same with the agreement that a man and a woman make in marriage. In 2007, Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Unions Bill was introduced in order to create a concept of civil unions in order for them to enjoy benefits with the union. The other reason why they have pushed this bill is to create an effective union for couples of the same sex without stirring the churches and the different groups of conservative individuals. They want to draw a line between civil union and marriage. However, there were different changes along the way that made identical to marriage. Gay marriage in Illinois was made possible by the efforts of people and officials who were dedicated in the passing the bill for this.

Public reaction

Gay Marriage In Illinois (2)Illinois gay marriage has also been getting a lot of different reactions from the people and officials. In the state, the officials also have different stands when it comes to this issue and they are all dedicated in pushing their beliefs. The governor of Illinois only gave a decision that was based on the decision of majority of the members of the Congress. He did not make his very own opinion for this issue. The people from the Catholic Church showed that they are opposing this type of set up. Different people with positions in the state gave their own reaction about the passing of the civil union. As an answer of the Congress to the opposition of the church, they created a letter addressing it to the Catholic Church. In the letter, they reiterated that the passing of civil union is a way to solve the issues of discrimination and to promote equality. This is one way to make it possible for gay couples to live a normal life they say.