Maryland Gay Unions

How Maryland Gay Marriage Became Part of the History

Maryland Gay MarriageThe passing of Maryland gay marriage is one of the most popular issues that shocked the world. Looking at the history of this state, you will never realize that it will be passing a law on the union of two people of the same sex. In 1970, Maryland made a mark in the History of the United States of America by giving a concrete definition about marriage. It has adopted the concept that marriage is a union between a man and a woman. They have been founded in the sanctity of marriage. Now, is gay marriage legal in Maryland? Well, yes it has been legalized lately.

Just this year, gay marriage in Maryland was passed allowing gay couples to get their marriage license and stay together under a secured union. Just by looking at the voting, the people who are pushing for the passing of the bill on gay marriage won by majority. This is another thing that made them become the first state to pass a gay marriage bill by majority vote. If you would observe, a lot of people from the United States of America are pushing for the passing of gay marriage in their areas and a lot of people are also opposing this concept. When gay marriage Maryland was approved, there were different reactions from the people in the said state. The conservative party has been reacting negatively. The church also has something to say about the legalization of this type of union.

The fight for the passing of the bill that will legalize gay marriage in Maryland was not easy. The church, the republicans and the other people who are against this are doing everything just to take it out of the table. In order to make a positive move in favor of people who are looking forward to getting something for their petition, the state allowed domestic partnership. Couples who want to have an agreement for their properties are now allowed to do so. Domestic partnership is good but there are some benefits that are not covered by this type of agreement.

Maryland recognized out of the state gay marriage

Maryland Gay Marriage (2)In 2010, one of the significant changes that as introduced in the aspect of Maryland gay marriage is the recognition of the out of state gay marriage. In this rule made by the Attorney General in the state, gay marriage that was conducted outside Maryland are going to be allowed under the law of the state. This is decided upon in favor of those who have been married in other states and who are now residing in Maryland.

This decision has been very significant to the people involved, however, this also became an issue that enraged some of the popular players of politics in the area. Some of the people who are opposing the decision have made an effort to request for the impeachment of the Attorney General. Many challenged this decision. It is indeed unexpected that a law legalizing the union of two persons of the same sex will be approved after three years.

The effect of gay marriage

Public opinion has been taken in order for the state to know what people think about the passing of Maryland gay marriage. Majority of the people in this state have their own opinion when it comes to same sex marriage. They all have their stand when it comes to this issue. In surveys, majority of the residents are in favor of the legalization but significant number of people are still not in favor. Only very few are undecided when it comes to this issue.

Some groups have conducted a study on the effect of gay marriage to the economy of Maryland. Just like what is given in surveys conducted in other states, gay marriage can be a great factor that can increase the revenue and decrease in the budget of the state.