Same Sex Unions in North Carolina

Understanding the Status of Gay Marriage in North Carolina

Gay Marriage in North CarolinaGay marriage has been one of the issues that many people from the United States of America are opposing and supporting. The people who are in favor of this new concept are pushing hard in order to create a strong law that can legalize the union of two people of the same sex. This is not only happening in the United States of America, many groups in other countries are also pushing the bill for the passing of a law that can make this thing legal.

In this section, gay marriage in North Carolina is going to be discussed. Is gay marriage legal in North Carolina? It has to be noted that the law does not recognize the union between a man and a woman in this place. The people have been working to make a great effort in limiting the definition of marriage. A man and a woman should be husband and wife when joined by wedding. Marriage is a sacred union where the only participants are a man and a woman. They have been very strict about this and no marriage certificate has been released to a gay couple in this area. North Carolina gay marriage may be banned but domestic partnerships are allowed for those who are living together. This is also open for gay couples that are living together. They may not be able to get the benefits that married couples are getting but they can still stay together in a single dwelling as partners.

Gay Marriage vs. Domestic Partnership

Gay Marriage in North Carolina (2)Again, the law does not allow gay marriage in North Carolina. With no other choice but to go for other unmarried status, gay couples can live together and go for domestic partnership. This type of set up allows them to live together just like husbands and wives without the bond of marriage. The law regarding domestic partnership in different areas varies depending on the extent of rights ad responsibilities. Just like in marriage, people go for domestic partnership in order to protect their properties or to be allowed to make an agreement with regards to the property that they already have before they lived together and those that they will be gaining while they are living in the same dwelling.

In North Carolina, domestic partnership between two people with the same sex is only allowed in the jurisdiction where they have registered. Registration is very vital in this type of arrangement just like marriage because some of the areas in North Carolina do not allow this type of set up. There are also different requirements that couples should possess in order for them to be qualified for domestic partnership. In some areas, they should have a proof that they have been living together for a long time; this is one of the prerequisites that they must be able to pass. In some other areas in North Carolina, this is not part of their requirements. Some cities only allow residents of their area to apply for domestic partnership.

Comparison of benefits

North Carolina gay marriage is not allowed; therefore, couples that are living together will not be able to get the benefits that married couples are getting. People who are married are getting many benefits from their jobs, from the government and from their society. This is one of the reasons why gay couples want to be married in the first place. For those who are only joined by domestic partnership, they are not getting the exact benefits that are available for married couple. But there are some cities that are allowing these groups to enjoy some of the benefits that are given to people who are joined by civil marriage. In Durham, domestic-partner benefits are given to employees. But in some areas, the right only extends to the protection of both parties’ properties.