Gay Unions in California

Gay Marriage in California and Its Impact to Both Supporters and Petitioners

Gay Marriage in CaliforniaThe changes in California gay marriage lately have brought different reactions from people who are both affected and those who are just sympathizing. If you can remember, the mayor of California allowed gay marriage in 2004. During that time, marriage licenses were given to different couples in the same area. This is one of the moves that made California gay marriage on top of the issues. Many people stood up to oppose this and many were delighted with the actions of the mayor. In years, different actions were made by the opposing team in order to make sure that the legalization of gay marriage will be banned.

After four years, people who are against the gay marriage finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel when California gay marriage law was challenged when Proposition 8 was introduced in 2008. This is the result of the petitions of the people who are questioning California and gay marriage. The petition is made in order to stop the giving of marriage certificates to gay couples. The people who are pushing proposition 8 are focusing on concepts with regards to California marriage protection and the limits of marriage in that area. This is one of the reasons why many of the people supported the campaign. However, it was not an easy road for those who are petitioning gay marriage in California. A lot of questions and rebuttals are made just to justify the act union of gay couples. Why does California allow gay marriage? The main reason is to take away discrimination and promote equality; this is something that gay couples are trying to explain to the whole population of California.

Is gay marriage legal in California this day?

As of the moment, proposition 8 is still looking forward to permanently ban gay marriage in California. Different reviews made by the Supreme Court has challenged both those who want California gay marriage ban overturned and those who are looking forward to get rid of the rights of gays to be married. The proposition that the petitioners are pushing was upheld during the process of review but gay marriage law was not overturned. Still, the decision is pending until now. Both parties who are involved are looking forward to having the best result from the decision of the court.

The slow pace of decision-making has been keeping the two parties vying for the positive result in a floating stage. In 2012, Supreme Court has allowed those who are in favor of gay marriage to appeal to the court and challenge Proposition 8. This year, they are still waiting for a decision. The very slow decision pace has been holding gay marriage in California up to this day. Proposition 8 may be upheld but this does not give a right for the officials to issue marriage license to the gay couples who wish to be married.

What is the effect of banning gay marriage in California?

Gay Marriage in California (2)In 2004, almost 4000 marriage licenses were given out by the mayor’s office. After the different petitions that led to the creation of Proposition 8, there were different protests questioning the effect of the petition to equal rights. Aside from the counter petitions coming form those who are in in favor of gay marriage, the banning of the issuance of marriage license to gay couples have been giving several effects to the society.

According to the economists, the banning of California gay marriage has affected the economy. It did not actually caused a great negative effect that can turn the whole country’s economy into something that is unbearable. But according to a study conducted by economic experts, allowing gay marriage can add 63.8 million in the local and state finances. This is something that the people who are in favor of the union of two people with the same sex are also using for their defense.